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February 18, 2015

Being called as YW President has kind of changed my mindset a little.  I’m slowly getting used to the overwhelming responsibilities, but still have “anxiety attacks” from time to time.  They’re not real anxiety attacks.  I just freak out, cry, panic, and eat a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, I figured since I feel very strongly that the YW need to constantly work on their Personal Progress, even though I already have my medallion, I figure it’s pretty dang important that I work on it with them.

So I sat down with the PP book and made a day-to-day schedule.  Every week I print out what to do for the week and give it to the girls who want a copy.  I don’t force it on them; some are close to graduating and don’t need it, and some are working at their own pace.  It’s fine.  I just want it available for them if they’re interested.

Meanwhile, it’s been a lifesaver for me.  I just sit down, look at the day’s “to do”, and do it.  Voila! By September I’ll have worked through the whole programme.  At which point I may or may not start again.  We shall see.

Tomorrow I start on the Faith Value Project.  I’ve decided to record my favourite scriptures and my testimony of them.  I figured a blog is as good a place as any to do that so I’ll use this blog for that purpose.


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